A Talking City

A Talking City / Mindware.

installation, intervention, interactive.

Lublin, Pholand 2011.

In collaboration with Tomasz Malec.


The project is on the hidden connections which are covered by the functionality of the system and which belongs to the intimate sphere of system units. The bus stops are located on the routes of the transport and their connections are consequent although its possible to see the same people on distinct stops which connect this particular stop to another one. It could be said that the passenger represents some kind of linguistic unit, a signal, using which a connections are made within any two stops. To register the links I took some interesting informations regarding each stop, key facts they could tell us about themselves, and after braking it into messages, using the signals (passengers) I spread them to other stops. The feedback was result into a map, where the meta-systematic connections of the municipal transport were formed, and also the resulting texts, a kind of cut up poetry, which were formed randomly due to the human touch.