Attractive Factory

Attractive Factory / S.S.S.R.Lab.


Tbilisi, Georgia 2011.

In collaboration with Koka Vashakidze


In order to improve and overcome the post soviet environment the society turned to the rehabilitation and modernization of playing grounds. Our goal is to use existing strategy on environment segments itself and to renovate relations between the structure and the public by replacing the building’s first idea and provoking public’s involvement.

We’ve found the building that was the pavement factory in previous times. The huge rectangle building is connected 30 degrees inclined narrow corridor which once served as the space for moving the lorry with industrial raw materials. I learnt all these in my childhood. Constructing the dialogue with this space the image of kids attraction arouse in my mind.

As the building has lost it’s first function, we’ll try to replace this role with the dialogue held in the past, and to connect it with other similar modern shapes in the area.