Design and Creativity

Design and Creativity / SOS Kinderdorf e.V. Familienzentrum.


Weimar, Germany 2017.

in collaboration with Nino Shengelia

Four days’ workshop on topic of “Design and Creativity” was guided by artists Nino Shengelia and Vasili Macharadze. It consisted of two separate parts: the process-oriented and the result-oriented. The first part was emphasizing process of improvisation in the act of creation. As the basic playground for stirring up the creativity the workshop was aimed on creating the ethnographic dolls supposed to serve only ascetical purpose. The final result was depended on the individual imagination stimulated by the variety of the materials. In the second part the material is restricted to the necessary parts for building the basic stereometric figures named as “platonic objects”. Using the wooden sticks and transparent papers of the different colours participants will try to create the light boxes to be used as lamps and ceiling lights. That way the emphasis of the workshop is shifted from creative approach to the actual process of building and designing. The aim of this part is to create a practical and nice looking object that will be suited for the everyday use.