Gorky / S.S.S.R.Lab.

installation, intervention.

Tbilisi,Georgia 2011.

 In collaboration with Koka Vashakidze


After the collapse of the Soviet system the recreation park of those times, the Park of Maxim Gorky, turned into a platform for criminal bands, a place for their meetings and actions. There was an attempt of rehabilitating the park by improving several segments and it also got a new name - the “Roses’ Park” - but the ordinary citizens still keep referring to it as Gorky’s park. For the Project the former pedestal of Maxim Gorky’s statue was used. We installed a plastic statue of a chili pepper on a pedestal where Maxim Gorky’s statue used to stand. The project utilizes a play of words, since the word Gorky (горький) also means bitter in Russian and from the Author Maxim Gorky's pseudonym perspective can be translated as Hard Life.