KoKa Banaobs (KoKa is Bathing)

KoKa Banaobs (KoKa is Bathing) / Apartment 1.

installation, performance.

Tbilisi, Georgia. 2008.

Project within "Group Bouillon"


In modern society two models face each other - of reality and of imagination, the first as the original (existing reality) and the second as its copy (imaginary model).The high level of technological development has created such tools of depicting realty, which make it look much more real than the reality itself (the copies of which they represent).Modern technology is so developed that the image depicted on the photo is more real, effective, convincing and tasty than that, seen by eyes. The photo technique brings us to the conception of reality closer than our own eyes.Pornography as the naturalistic depiction of sex is closer to sex than the sex itself. The real sex is deprived of the diversity which is produced in our imagination by simulacrum.Real events don’t create such emotional strength in us as the same event produced on a tape.In modern world, when this imaginary reality has won over reality itself, we also depart to the dimension of hyper-reality or the world of simulacra triumph.