Plait / S.S.S.R.Lab.

installation, intervention. 45x45x225 cm.

Tbilisi, Georgia 2014.


Geometrical obelisks of their period that have been implanted into unharmed nature and left alone by all urban communications. These urban elements disseminated; so isolated from all city infrastructures and now almost inseparable from organic nature, they have declared their independence from all humanity and found their refuge in the shelter of nature. Being betrayed but still capable to charm us, how amenable can they be towards our interventions and what are the new criteria for permissible edifications?

In this project I used an element which is so prevalent for the post social urban landscapes and tried to intervene by improvising on existing shapes and bringing a new kind of geometry into the chaotic stream of rebar and concrete. The final object is a plait like column formed by the same elements that surrounded it.