Red & Blue

Red & Blue / Undergo, The Parallels.

installation, intervention, interactive.

Tbilisi, Georgia. 2012.

The installation is a lighting system, where every passerby can change light conditions and their color by pulling down the cables to change them from red to blue or vice versa.

If a feeling of privacy is developed constantly through dialogue, the Soviet environment, as a monologue system, was initially established as the unknown segment, and its development has been ongoing regardless of our choice. An environment-reconstruction strategy of the new governmental system is concentrated on lighting and illumination, but despite the fact that this approach is serving the needs of society and may be optimal for the present, here the process remains isolated from the society’s choice. Based on the mistakes of the past and contemporary strategy, “Red & Blue” is an experiment making concessions in the surroundings, which means interactivity between the opposing sides (as the city and its citizen) in order to renew the dialogue.