Space / Space LAB. MitOst Fest.

installation, intervention, interactive.

Leipzig, Germany 2013.


We are the witnesses of epochal mystical-tectonic changes, where the main actors are these abandoned, dumb buildings, left stoned after collapse of socialistic era.This building layer of past formation, seeking for cohabitation with the sudden reality of open market and new realia, stricken as a lightening in the evening sky of command economy world, are acquiring new actuality, via replacing their functionality (the original medium they used to gravitating with space and time) by creativity - we see, these blocks are turning into the generators, generating their own, original content. These archaeo-futuristic spaces are now free from the shell of function, levitating in the social-mystical field of own radiation.

Installation represents an illuminated area, where the power of illumination depends on the activity level of people in the room, the intensity of their motion. The intensity of light on the other hand results in sound produced in the same area and determines its frequency and power. The generated sound consists of four waves, whose frequency (wave length) is varying between the dimensions of the room (2m – 5m).