The Treadmill Runner 3

The Treadmill Runner 3 / IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM.

performance, interactive.

Weimar, Germany 2019.

special thanks to Vanessa Brazeau


The work is interactive installation and performance in a public space where the treadmill with the running artist on it is exposed to the public's interference. The interaction is established by sound sensors and algorithm by means of which the speed of the treadmill is correlated with the frequency of clapping produced by the viewer (the higher the frequency, the faster the treadmill), thus leaving the performer no possibilities to control the treadmill but only to obey the rhythmical norms dictated by the public. By placing the performer (whose movement is conditioned by the treadmill’s acceleration) in a vulnerable position towards the public and giving the viewer access of controlling the performer (perhaps neglecting or considering the artist’s physical conditions) the project challenges the conditions of private-public relations by exploring the artist’s capacity for reliance on the public as well as the public’s liability towards the individuals.